Horizons is a free toolkit designed to inspire and support the next generation of non-fiction women writers.

The Horizons toolkit includes writing resources, features, prompts and free online events, with contributions from publishing industry experts and leading non-fiction authors.

Our hope is that this toolkit will serve as a fountain of information and inspiration, as well as acting as a launchpad to support women to write non-fiction that sparks new thinking, illuminates hidden histories, ignites movements and reflects our shared experiences – perhaps contributing to the creation of books that go on to win the Women’s Prize for Non-Fiction in the future.

From research skills and navigating archives to writing a compelling proposal and crafting an argument, the Horizons toolkit is packed full of tips and wise words for non-fiction writers.

Whether you’re looking to spin your specialist subject into a book with broad appeal or to explore your life story in a memoir, Horizons is here to help.


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How to write a non-fiction proposal

When it comes to non-fiction submissions, instead of sharing a completed book – as you would expect to if you were writing a novel – a publisher will acquire non-fiction based on a proposal. Broadly speaking that proposal is made up of three main parts: 1) an overview, 2) a sample of writing and 3) a chapter breakdown.

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Non-Fiction Proposal

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