The Most Wanted by Jacquelyn Mitchard

The Most Wanted
Jacquelyn Mitchard

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Published: 1998

Longlisted for the 1999 Women's Prize for Fiction

Arley Mowbray, only fourteen years old, is dreaming her life away in South Texas when – defying all earthly logic – she falls in love with an outlaw, Dillon LeGrande, and becomes his wife, and the mother of his child. When she meets her advocate and defender, Annie Singer, both their lives will change for ever. What happens to Arley and her husband is the stuff of legend. Dillon will break out of prison on a terrifying errand, but is it to claim his wife and baby daughter or to destroy them?

Larger than life, yet the very stuff of life itself, The Most Wanted is a spellbinding story of reckless love that breaks all the rules – a tour de force in which Jacquelyn Mitchard’s fierce, tender insights into the bonds of mothers and daughters are powerfully and unforgettably conveyed.


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